Searchers want information about things and search engines are looking for documents. Search engines often fail when it comes to discerning intent. But with the help of semantic technology, this is changing.

We found this interesting topic on a Media Post blog entry titled, “Bing, Google, Yahoo Make Search More About Doing, Less About Searching.” Search engines need to take masses of unstructured data found across the Web and make it actionable. Yahoo, Google and Bing are working on technology that will have the ability to look beyond the query itself and discern the intent.

Shashi Seth, senior vice president of Search at Yahoo, made some predictions recently at the Search Insider Summit. In the next five years, the search experience will become dramatically different. Mobile search will overtake Web search, search engines will move from indexing the Web to building content , and this will all drive ad results to the top of the heap.

Melody K. Smith

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