We’ve already discussed and determined that e-readers are not a fad; they are here to stay for awhile. But don’t fear, they cannot totally replace the print book until some flaws are fixed.

By flaws, we aren’t exactly referring to a virus in the chip level of flaw, but things that just haven’t been able to completely adapt digitally. For instance — nagging. An unread book lying on your bedside table silently nags you and scorns you for not finishing what you started. Inside an e-book, with dozens and dozens of other books, an unfinished book is easily ignored.

And lest we forget the price. In digital form, e-books are easily seen as disposable. However, the cost is not-so-much. Aside from the bargain books, e-books cost only a few dollars less than their tree-killing, resource-sucking cousins. What gives?

CNN Tech inspired this topic with their article, “5 reasons why e-books aren’t there yet.”

Melody K. Smith

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