For the job hunter, it consists of a few pieces of paper. With email, those may not even be printed. For the recruiter, it could be hundreds and hundreds of resumes, CVs, or even printed emails on leads – all for one open position. A new service for individuals is opening doors for early adopters to experience what job hunting could look like in the near future.

This new use of semantic technology was brought to our attention in Open PR in their article, “ uses semantics to revolutionize personal benchmarking and job hunting.” Since we all know companies hire people mostly based on the skills, knowledge and experience they have to offer, TwentyPeople allows individuals to benchmark their skills and experience and match it real-time with current jobs available in many different markets.

The key to TwentyPeople is their semantic approach to define skills and knowledge. People are not asked to fill out long forms or fields; skills will be suggested to them based on their profile.

Melody K. Smith

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