Nuxeo and Hippo have formed a partnership of open source, Java-based content management providers. Sharing the enterprise content management and web content management tool customers, they have built a CMIS connector to move data between the two systems. This will enable companies with a Hippo website to integrate Nuxeo enterprise content, whether from its Nuxeo Content Management tool or the Nuxeo Digital Asset Management tool.

Fierce Content Management brought this news to our attention in their article, “Nuxeo and Hippo forge open source content management partnership.”

In a statement, Nuxeo described it this way: “With this new connector, internal business content can be communicated via a website or portal without taking it out of its managed lifecycle. This eliminates the need to duplicate the information, and maintains the content history, validation workflow, versioning, and associated metadata.”

We’re all for eliminating duplication and improving workflow.

Melody K. Smith

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