Is your content management system holding your organization back from digital media opportunities? Content management systems continue to evolve, and one author has pointed out the specific ways and why CMS evolution should be important to news organizations.

This interesting topic was found on Knight Media Digital Center’s article, “Content management ecosystem: Why many publishing tools are better than one.”

Organizations of all kinds are moving from content management systems to content management ecosystems. A good content management system today is designed to interact with social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. One example that the article presented was Bangor Daily News (a family-owned leading daily paper in Maine), who completed its switch to WordPress as its core content management system, pointing out that the new editorial/production process combines several free and commercial applications, both cloud-based and conventional.

Moving from an entirely separate content management system for digital publishing and two systems that could not communicate directly to one comprehensive system with functions such as embedding, semantic analysis, and social media support. Sounds like a smart move.

Melody K. Smith

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