Along with the amount of data, the monetary investment in digital technology to capture and store that data has grown relentlessly in the past decade. And it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any. Leading the “shopping spree” in the technology world will be cloud computing. While cloud computing accounts for less than 2% of IT spending today, an EMC-sponsored IDC Digital Universe study estimates that by 2015 nearly 20% of the information will be “touched” by cloud computing service providers — meaning that somewhere in a byte’s journey from originator to disposal it will be stored or processed in a cloud.

So what is the proper path for IT to take to control both the data and the expenses? Experts suggest that by using advanced capture, search, discovery and analysis tools, organizations can gain insight from their data. Data Harmony software provides knowledge management solutions to organize your information resources using a well-built and systematically applied taxonomy or thesaurus.

This interesting topic was inspired by Insurance Network News’ article, “Data Doubling Every Two Years.”

Melody K. Smith

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