Biomax Informatics has released its enterprise platform, the BioXM™ Knowledge Management Environment that integrates information from different data sources to build semantic networks representing up-to-date knowledge. And as a bonus, they can be mined and analyzed.

Virtual Strategy magazine brought this news to our attention in their article, “BIOMAX INFORMATICS AG Releases BioXM Version 4.0, the Next Generation of Its Flagship Enterprise Platform for Semantic Data Integration and Knowledge Management.” BioXM version 4.0 introduces web application functionality that provides an easy-to-use, improved, and cost-efficient knowledge management platform that builds upon current semantic concepts.

The web application functionality was the star of the show in this release. According to Biomax’s head of product management, Dr. Sascha Losko, “the BioXM web apps framework allowed us, together with our customers, to build highly specific solutions within a few weeks — a task that would have taken many months using a traditional software development process.”

Melody K. Smith

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