Only twenty or already twenty years ago – depending on how you look at it – the world wide web was christened. No, not by Al Gore, but by a British computer scientist, Tim Berners-Lee.

What started as a project to help physicists communicate without cumbersome systems, helped bring the power of the Internet to the literal fingertips of users. Remember browsers like Mosaic and Internet providers like CompuServe? The Internet phenomenon exploded. In February 2009, an Internet monitoring company, Netcraft, reported there were 215,675,903 websites with domain names and content on them in 2009, compared to just 18,000 websites in August 1995.

This very interesting topic was brought to our attention by Business Standard’s article, “The Web is 20 years old: What next?” So what is next? What will Web 3.0, or even 4.0 bring us in the realm of technology and interactions? It is exciting, and maybe a little overwhelming, to think of what the next twenty years will bring.

Melody K. Smith

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