Locu is a data-focused start-up founded by MIT graduates and computer science researchers who plan to create the world’s largest real-time, structured repository of small business offerings data. Their goal is that this data source will increase the efficiency of local search.

We found this interesting information on TechCrunch in their article, “Local Business Data Provider Locu Raises Seed Round.” The founding members won last year’s MIT Linked Data Ventures competition, supervised by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

MenuPlatform.com is the first product from Locu. Soon to be launched, it is a way for restaurant owners to maintain their menus and make them available for viewing, fast and easy, without the services of a webmaster. Besides the platform being easy to use platform, the data is semantically structured. Applying a more structured taxonomy to this sort of real-world content leads to improvements in search dynamics.

Melody K. Smith

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