All the talk is about big data, but what about changing data? If a knowledge domain doesn’t change, it becomes stagnant. Even the Dead Sea scrolls are changing as more and more is discovered about them by different scientists and researchers. Change was the topic recently, when Access Innovations’ president, Margie Hlava, sat down with Steve Arnold, a technology and financial analyst, owner of ArnoldIT and writer of Beyond Search.

Hlava confessed to loving puzzles. “I love working with information and trying to figure out what people have, how to use it, and how to identify it so they can easily store it.” This was part of the motivation to patent their machine aided indexing (MAI) software. Big data, changing data – it is designed to handle any type of content, structured or unstructured. It puts big data into context by structuring for storage and retrievability. You see, searching is easy. Finding is hard.

Listen to the complete podcast here.

Melody K. Smith

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