Widen Enterprises has teamed with JohnHorodyski to produce a new white paper titled, “A guide to the lifeblood of DAM: Key concepts and best practices for using metadata in digital asset management systems.”

BusinessWire brought this news to our attention in their article, “Widen Releases White Paper on Metadata in Digital Asset Management (DAM) Authored by Industry Expert John Horodyski.” John Horodyski is Principal at DAM Education, the leader in providing education, training & consultation for Digital Asset Management (DAM), Metadata & Taxonomy, as well as Manager of Digital Programming, Product Development & Research at CBC. Horodyski said the white paper was written to help marketers, corporate librarians, and other users navigate through the often intimating task of designing, testing and maintaining the schemes behind metadata so they are searchable. Making content findable is certainly a worthy goal.

Melody K. Smith

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