A new and fairly significant development from the social media world is that Google is now searching and indexing public comments made on Facebook. This has some people and business concerned due to page ranking implications.

We found this interesting topic on Business 2 Community in their article, “Facebook Comments Now Captured By Google: Big Ranking Implications For Businesses.” Google’s spiders, called Googlebots, previously could not penetrate Facebook’s iFrames coding and read  comments within Facebook’s confines. This new technology allows Googlebots to read publicly made Facebook comments via third-party sites that siphon off public Facebook comments via the Facebook Connect add-ons.

By making these comments searchable, the positive comments will be factored in on the page rankings, but also the negative ones. This could have positive effects on the search engine optimization.

However, Google didn’t release this information; it was discovered by a third-party. That leaves a bad taste in some people’s mouth.

Melody K. Smith

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