Most healthcare organizations are focused on getting their electronic health records (EHR) systems running properly in preparation for the transition to meet ICD-10 compliance. The significant revision to reimbursement guidelines at the federal level has captured the attention of those concerned about cash flow and compliance.

Information Week Healthcare brought this information to our attention in their post, “After EHR Frenzy: Health IT’s Next Priorities.” With the growing demand for technology in the healthcare market, even smaller sized practices are buying digitized medical record systems for the first time. Larger facilities are replacing existing technology.

Is all this activity because of the ICD-10 conversion? With five times the number of codes and classifications, it is easy to see how it could impact the basic operations of any healthcare provider and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Access Innovations provides training to a client’s staff and then offers quality assurance and validation services that can assist in minimizing the risk of a coding error and identify inappropriately applied tags.

Melody K. Smith

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