I confess. I am a grammar snob. And it has gotten much worse since I joined Facebook. If I see one more “that is a great ideal”, or “their is a bird outside” status update, I will scream. Even Word corrected the wrong choice of word when I was writing this post. If Clippy knows better, why don’t educated professionals?

So when Grammar Monkeys, a blog by The Wichita Eagle copy desk, released a taxonomy of typos recently, I was fascinated. Titled “When spell-check won’t help: How typos sneak into writing,” the post referenced words that when misspelled, still make words. Which means, what you really need is a grammar-check, not a spell-check.

This interesting piece was found on The Christian Science Monitor in their article, “The wages of typos – in pounds and pence.”

Melody K. Smith

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