Microsoft has long been the provider of all things uniform and default in the technology world. Mac users have forever been screaming foul with few people listening to their frustrations. When it comes to content management systems, is SharePoint still the best practice model other systems should compare themselves to?

CMSWire brought this topic to our attention in their article, “SharePoint is Crack and Microsoft is the Pusher.” The biggest problem with SharePoint is the approach users take. Either they think it is the solution for all their problems or they go the opposite direction and consider it just a development platform. Microsoft encourages this behavior by resisting changes or upgrades so that competitors will at some point create a product worthy of the competition.

Just like we recently pointed out in our article series, “Five Myths about Taxonomy and SharePoint,“ a number of organizations are stepping in to fill the gaps in the SharePoint content management arena.

Melody K. Smith       

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