A new website has been launched that provides an easy way for students or professionals to locate a college program. Collegeseekr uses natural language processing, or semantic technology, as a friendly approach to empower users.

This interesting news was found on PRWeb in their article, “CollegeSeekr.com, Announcing a New College Search Engine.” Collegeseekr uses its search algorithm to find a smart match to a user’s search. This attempt at understanding what searchers are looking for and providing helpful filtering options makes this search engine different and more dynamic than most. It is always nice to see semantic technology used for educational purposes. Using natural language processing continues to grow in popularity. It does, however, require special knowledge of terminology and coding to reduce errors. Access Innovations, developer of the M.A.I. machine assisted indexing system and specializing in complex coding, tagging, and indexing, provides a range of services that deliver tag integrity.

Melody K. Smith

Sponsored by Access Innovations, the world leader in thesaurus, ontology, and taxonomy creation and metadata application.