Many articles have been written about the progress or avalanche (depending on your perspective) of technology and the resulting amount of data that has occurred from that growth. With the move into the clouds, the borders or walls have been removed on the boundaries of data created and accessed. From social media to medical applications, metadata is growing by astronomical numbers. So what new markets or new products are to come to handle this data volume?

This topic was inspired by the Wall Street Journal’s article, “The Coming Tech-led Boom.” Manufacturing is in full force on new gadgets, devices and professional tools/toys to meet the need for access and data control. Of course, many of these same devices are creating data on their own.

Technology is advancing and improving, and its value is not in question here. However, no matter how advanced or cool it becomes, it will never completely eliminate the need for human beings. For that, I am thankful.

Melody K. Smith

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