The launch of SharePoint 2010 has brought new options for taxonomies. This new version has a more evolved taxonomy management framework, a relatively robust tagging interface, and some functions to leverage the taxonomies in search and navigation.

CMSWire brought this topic to our attention in their article, “Do I Still Need an Add-on for Taxonomy in SharePoint 2010?” So do you still need a taxonomy add-on for SharePoint 2010?

The new functions in SharePoint 2010 can meet the needs of a portion of users, but not all. Some content is so sophisticated that the basic vocabularies and tagging options won’t provide for a comprehensive search with related terms.

Don’t rule out quality taxonomies just because the CMS offers their own. The system should not be short-circuited by the limitations of a content management system which, trying to serve an array of purposes, doesn’t quite match all the functions served by the original parts.

Melody K. Smith

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