ZirMed has made their mark as a provider of revenue cycle and information solutions for healthcare. They now have launched www.StartStopICD10.com in response to the February 14th announcement by the Center of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) of a re-examination of the ICD-10 timeline.

PR Newswire brought this very interesting piece of news to our attention in their article, “Zirmed Launches New Online Web Site and Petitions Seek To Gather Industry Feedback On ICD-10 Transition Timeline.” Healthcare providers raised many concerns regarding the CMS requirement that all healthcare providers transition from the ICD-9 code sets to the ICD-10 code sets in October 2013. Those concerns grew with the announcement of a delay in that transition.

Medical administrative costs in the U.S. are dramatically higher than in other developed countries. A study published in July 2011 in Health Affairs finds that interacting with payers costs each U.S. physician an average of more than $80,000 every year. When the system works, it provides greater quality of care and controls the cost of care, but the administrative expenses may be greater than the savings.

Melody K. Smith

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