Texting may be faster, more efficient and pretty much gets the job done. But the slippery slope of bad grammar we have taken from emails to texting has taken away all quality of writing and content. Using the smallest number of letters to get your message across does not equal writing. I cringe every time I get the text that simply says “k”. Because apparently typing an “o” in front of it is just too much to ask.

We found this attention-grabbing topic on Wired.com in their post, “Web Semantics: Bad Writing Doesn’t Matter Any More.” It has long annoyed me to see the English language so mangled and misused. Don’t get me wrong, I too have been guilty of the texting travesty. It has become part of our culture; even professional workplaces utilize it.

How has the evolution of natural language processing and semantic technology made this situation worse? Or has it?

Melody K. Smith

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