Sometimes we stumble across a website that intrigues us and that we want to share with you. This is one of those times. Jeremy Norman’s From Cave Paintings to the Internet – Chronological and Thematic Studies on the History of Information and Media is full of interesting data presented in a way that is close to our hearts. You can search by timeline, by topic, and even by category. The website is arranged so that you can approach the history of information from many different viewpoints.

The overload of information on the Internet can overwhelm even the most serious data junkie. This website is designed to help you follow the development of information and media, as well as the attitudes about them, from the beginning of records to the present.

With annotated references to discoveries, developments of a social, scientific, and theoretical nature, and references to physical books and other documents, the site arranges selected historical examples and recent developments of the methods used to record, distribute, exchange, organize, store, and search for information.

Melody K. Smith

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