Content Dating As Far Back As 1930s

Access Innovations, a leading firm in semantic enrichment, is working with the American Institute of Physics (AIP), one of the world’s largest physical science publishers, to semantically enrich AIP’s online full-text collection. The collection includes more than 800,000 scholarly articles published in its academic journals since the 1930s.

The enriched database allows users to easily search the extensive electronic collection of published articles with greater specificity and discoverability across physics. The database is driven by AIP’s thesaurus, which was created by Access Innovations.

The thesaurus allows researchers to browse scientific articles spanning eight decades. Users can take advantage of both both concept and keyword searches, with the search interface  pointing to related articles based on cross-referenced research areas.

Access Innovations will also be indexing and providing metadata tags using terms from the AIP Thesaurus as new content is added. This will allow scientists to enjoy unprecedented pinpoint access to up-to-date information from current articles in their fields of interest.

Evan Owens, AIP’s CIO for Publishing, explained, “One of the most compelling reasons to develop the semantically-enriched database is the ability to not only apply the terms to the article records, but also to fully index all of each article’s content using inline tagging. This project will make the vast information resources AIP has accumulated to date, as well as information we’ll offer in the future, much more accessible to our users.”

Marjorie M.K. Hlava, president of Access Innovations, explained that standard keyword searches (such as Google) are of limited use for disciplines with rich, detailed vocabularies. “At a certain point, traditional keyword searches can’t provide the depth and accuracy of retrieval achievable with a field-specific thesaurus. A custom rule base teaches the search engine to provide results for terms and concepts even when the words don’t literally match one another. This is especially important in the sciences, as the topic of an article in a specialized journal is often understood by the community although not expressed directly in the title or abstract,” she said.

The semantic enrichment is expected to be completed by the end of August 2012.  AIP plans to introduce the new database in conjunction with the launch of its new platform in fall 2012.

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Founded in 1978, Access Innovations has extensive experience with Internet technology applications, master data management, database creation, thesaurus/taxonomy creation, and semantic integration. The Access Innovations Data Harmony software includes automatic indexing, thesaurus management, an XML Intranet System (XIS), and metadata extraction for content creation developed to meet production environment needs. Data Harmony is used by publishers, governments, and corporate clients throughout the world.


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The American Institute of Physics (AIP) is an organization of physical science societies, representing more than 135,000 scientists, engineers, and educators. As one of the world’s largest publishers of scientific information in physics, AIP employs innovative publishing technologies and offers publishing services for its member societies. AIP’s suite of publications includes 15 journals, three of which are published in partnership with other organizations; magazines, including its flagship publication Physics Today; and the AIP Conference Proceedings series. Through its Physics Resources Center, AIP also delivers valuable services and expertise in education and student programs, science communications, government, relations, career services for science and engineering professionals, statistical research, industrial outreach, and the history of physics and other sciences.