Metadata Partners has released Datomic Free Edition, which was designed to make Datomic easier  to get, and use, for open source and small production deployments.

Datomic Free Edition comes with a redistributable license, and does not  require a personal or business-specific license. This means users can download Datomic Free, build e.g. an open source application with it, and include Datomic Free binaries with their software. Users can also put the Datomic Free binaries into public repositories and package managers.

Virtual Strategy Magazine brought this news to our attention in their article,“Datomic Releases Datomic Free Edition.” Capabilities contained in the Free Edition include the Datomic in-process memory database and the Datomic Datalog engine, which works both on Datomic databases and in-memory  collections.

Melody K. Smith

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