Allegro CL V9.0 has been released, bringing symmetric multi-processing capabilities that result in faster, more intelligent, and scalable applications.

This interesting piece of news was found on (how could I not report it?) in their article, “Franz Inc. Adds Symmetric Multi-Processing in Allegro CL v9.0.” This new release brings true symmetric multi-processing together with a supremely efficient programming environment. Allegro CL is especially suited to enterprise-wide, complex application development. New features and updates in Allegro CL v9.0 include a major update to AllegroServe, Franz’s Lisp based webserver, and an enhanced Java interaction via the jLinker module.

Franz Inc. recently introduced Allegro SET, the industry’s first semantic entity tracker, a leading-edge development platform to build flexible and scalable semantic applications quickly and cost-effectively.

Melody K. Smith

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