Access Innovations, Inc., a leader in the data management industry for more than 33 years, is bringing its patented and trademarked technology to the medical compliance arena with the launch of its newest business endeavor: Access Integrity, Inc.

“Utilizing Access Innovations’ Data Harmony software suite, Access Integrity employs a natural-language, rule-based taxonomy application – Medical Claims Compliance® – to search, analyze, and verify electronic medical records (EMRs), procedure notes, and submission forms simultaneously to improve billing compliance, identify discrepancies for over- and under-billing, and speed the submission and reimbursement process with fewer errors and rejections,” said Marjorie M.K. Hlava, president of Access Innovations and co-founder of Access Integrity.

Medical transaction integrity is one of the most important challenges facing healthcare professionals today. Errors can mean audits, lost revenue, and legal penalties. As technology and new legislation continue to change healthcare, Access Integrity is committed to providing technology solutions to help navigate today’s healthcare environment.

John Kuranz, CEO and co-founder of Access Integrity, says applying cutting-edge data management technology to the healthcare industry will revolutionize and revitalize the processing of medical transactions.

In a 2009 survey, the year the meaningful use incentive program was created by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, only 38 percent of physicians reported using an EHR, and one-third had no plans to purchase one. Kuranz points out that a more recent survey found that fully 82 percent of providers are now using electronic health record (EHR) systems or are in the process of installing one. Only 6 percent have no plans to adopt an EHR in the next one to two years.

“Clearly, the transition to EMR is being engaged throughout the healthcare provider community,” Kuranz said. “Research has shown that the information in a patient’s EMR is not being used adequately for research, clinical diagnoses, or medical coding enhancement. With the digitization of medical records, our patented technology and 33 years of experience in deploying rule-based taxonomy applications will now play a significant role in medical transaction coding and compliant submission of insurance claims.”

About Access Innovations, Inc.

Founded in 1978, the privately held Access Innovations, Inc. offers an extensive line of information management and database creation products and services. The company’s suite of Data Harmony products provides thesaurus/taxonomy construction and content management tools to industry publishers, web services, corporations, associations, and government agencies with large intranets.

Access Innovations, Inc. also offers specialized knowledge domains for licensing. Its taxonomy library covers a wide range of fields and disciplines with customization services.

About Access Integrity, Inc.

Access Integrity, Inc. provides patented technology for complete and compliant EMR analysis. From diagnoses to coding to claims submission, Medical Claims Compliance plays an important role in medical transaction processing by extracting concepts from a patient’s EMR using rule-based datasets – increasing coding accuracy and improving clinical decision support and overall understanding of a patient encounter. The application suggests appropriate ICD-9 and CPT codes and supplies providers with a claim discrepancy analysis, allowing corrections to be made prior to submission. By increasing medical claims acceptance rates and boosting coders’ efficiency, providers generate more cash flow for their businesses.