One county historical society is indexing images of civil and criminal offenses of the late 1800s to make the archives available to the public. All indexing has been done by hand and by volunteers. To date, nearly 1,000 court cases from that era have been scanned and indexed.

This inspiring information was found on radio station KOMC’s website in their article, “WRVHS Project with County Archives Continues.” The White River Valley Historical Society has collaborated with Taney County government offices to help with preservation of these fragile original records. In addition to these, the naturalization records, early chiropractor licenses, court minute books, and one-room school record books are being indexed.

It is exciting to see history being preserved for future access and generations. Of course, hand indexing is the long way to get the job done. If they were set up for some machine assisted indexing, the process would be much faster.

Melody K. Smith

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