Here is a sneak peek at two of the in-depth case studies you will hear about during the meeting:

Developing the PLOS Thesaurus: Jonas Dupuich of PLOS will tell the story of how PLOS identified the need to improve its thesaurus, completed the task of updating the thesaurus, and implemented services to leverage the thesaurus throughout the organization in partnership with Access Innovations. Expect to hear about lessons learned, best practices, and how PLOS is moving forward from here.

A Practical Use Case for Constructing Taxonomies in Support of the DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy: Marcie Zaharee of MITRE will start with detailed background about the Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) community, which requires intelligence products (i.e., reports, imagery, etc.) to enable both commanders and soldiers on the ground to visualize the operational environment, allowing them to orient themselves to the current situation to enable decision making. Her presentation will provide an overview of a practical use case for constructing taxonomies in support of the DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy.

The metadata harmonization (MDH) project supports the Data Strategy by developing crosswalks and controlled vocabularies that help make information visible, accessible, and understandable within the ISR community. The ISR Operations taxonomy design/development process will be discussed to include:

  • Background of the DoD Discovery Metadata Standard (DDMS), and ISR Extension
  • Vocabulary mapping to crosswalk packages
  • Taxonomy development tools used (Data Harmony)
  • Best practices/Lessons learned

There are a lot more case studies being presented, plus FREE, full-day, hands-on Data Harmony software training on Monday, February 18.

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