The massive growth in the volume of data being created is no surprise to anyone. Most people think of documents, photos, and programs as the main contributor to this mountain of data, but don’t forget about digital video and broadcast video. For instance, it has been reported that the television program Deadliest Catch creates almost 1PB of digital film per episode.

This interesting information was found on Enterprise Storage Forum in their article, “There is No Magic Pixie Dust for Metadata.” Added to that piece of information, using higher-resolution video monitoring cameras can increase the data storage by up to 13 times. Now imagine how many public and private cameras are in use across your city, your state, … well, you get the point.

So where do we store all this data today? Tomorrow? The answer isn’t simple and it will change as the solutions evolve, but we understand it more today than yesterday. The future holds the answers.

Melody K. Smith

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