The impending ICD-10 coding classification transition presents a challenge not just for hospitals and physicians, but also for other healthcare providers preparing for this “new world” with training.

This interesting and timely information was found on Digital Journal in their article, “Effective Billing and Coding with Electronic Medical Records System Revealed by Physical Therapist Nitin Chhoda.” Patient treatment results in medical claims, and those can come from laboratories, physical therapy providers, or imaging services. The common denominator is ensuring that the medical claims are accurate.

Access Integrity understands those challenges and offers a web-based solution for medical transaction processing which seamlessly searches, analyzes and verifies EHRs, procedure notes and submission forms simultaneously and validates claims as part of the transaction workflow prior to submission. This product is for medical providers who want to make sure their medical claims are always correct and compliant, which is key for financial sustainability.

Melody K. Smith

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