The value of data on the web has always been valuable. From blogs to websites to social media, data has enabled companies to make money. Who we are, what we like, what we buy and what we want to buy are all valuable data for companies that buy or sell advertising. In the past, the total value was in direct proportion to the number of “bods” for which these companies had data. However, things are changing now. Technorati brought this interesting news our direction in their article, “The War Over Data in the Semantic Web.”

Technology is realizing that the same things that made offline sales important still apply. The hyperconnectivity that has brought online and offline on a single, converging path is now transformed into meaning through the twin filters of context and relevance.

You can blame (or credit) this on the semantic web.  It is powering products and services by surfacing the right information, at the right moment, to the right consumer.

Melody K. Smith

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