Small businesses have fewer resources to achieve the same results expected of larger organizations. This gives them a different perspective on knowledge, expertise, and results. How they approach all three is what sets them apart. This interesting information was found on Forbes in their article, “Roundup Of Small & Medium Business Cloud Computing Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2013.”

Over the last several months, research firms and enterprise software vendors have released studies on cloud computing adoption in small and medium businesses. The results indicate that upwards of 27% of small and medium businesses will increase their reliance on cloud computing. Way more than half of the organizations with less than 999 employees are relying on cloud-based applications already. This isn’t surprising at all. Even in my own personal life, I find it is easier to load documents, information, photos, etc. that I access frequently to the cloud so I can retrieve them from home or work on a computer, iPad or smart phone.

Small and medium businesses are not the only one dependent on this convenience. I predict personal households will become even more interested in cloud storage and computing. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but the future is coming faster than ever, and it doesn’t look like today.

Melody K. Smith

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