I have another life outside the taxonomy world, one that often reminds me how connected we all really are in this world. I am attending a conference on faith-based communications. See, I told you it was a different life. While doing the “meet and greet” with fellow attendees, one lady mentioned she used to teach library and information sciences before feeling a call to write and even start her own small publishing company. The others around us queried her about the books, publishing, etc. I waited patiently to ask her about her previous life. You see, when I tell people I write about taxonomy, the response is almost always, “Is that about dead animals?”

I found myself eager to discuss what I do with someone who not only knew what it was, but understood it. I told her I thought we had a connection outside the conference parameters and explained why. Her response was, “I dumbed down what I taught because most people have no clue. I actually taught catalog science.” She knew of Access Innovations. It was a pleasure to discuss metadata, ontology, indexing, etc. with someone who surely knew even more about those things than I do.

This connection reminded me of a taxonomy itself. The relationship factor between people is no different from the relationships between terms.

Melody K. Smith

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