Alexander Street Press has updated its search interface with semantic facet browsing to identify categories of interest from a single keyword. With this new feature, results are returned pertaining to the keyword, even if the keyword is not in the title of the resource. Information Today brought this news to our attention in their article, “Alexander Street Press Debuts New Website Features.”

Now users can access related content from the search results page without the specific keyword. This and other upgrades have been in progress for over 18 months and will be released in a series. The first release includes in-depth text searching across the publisher’s 900,000 music tracks and 17,000 videos.

“This level of functionality has never been seen before,” according to Stephen Rhind-Tutt, Alexander Street Press president. “How often did John F. Kennedy refer directly to Cuba in his speeches? Now, you can not only identify every instance, but with one click, you can watch him say the word.”

Melody K. Smith

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