A large collection of court records from the late 1800s are being converted into digital files by New Perspectives Inc. (NPI). Creating digital files that can be indexed, searched, and accessed is an honorable task. The benefit here is that the employees hired by NPI are individuals with physical impairments who are learning job skills that will help them make a future for themselves.

As part of its mission, the Sioux City-based nonprofit organization has operated a document management center for more than 30 years, helping more than 1,200 employers, public entities, and individuals consolidate, manage, store and retrieve their records. Sioux City Journal is where we found this article, “Sioux City, Iowa nonprofit opens larger document management center.”

The document management center got its start making microfilm copies of paper files. Now the center’s electronic services continue to grow in popularity. At NPI, the employees not only earn a paycheck, but learn valuable work skills.

Melody K. Smith

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