Jay Trainer is the new executive for agency services at the National Archives and Records Administration. What a mouthful of a job title, and his job reflects the same. Trainer oversees five programs that manage billions of information sources from across all three branches of the government. This interesting information was found on the National Journal in their article, “His Only Responsibility Is Managing Billions of Government Records.”

“We’re dealing with agencies from the Cabinet level all the way down to very small, independent agencies,” Trainer said during an interview this summer at the historic National Archives building, which houses the original manuscripts of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. “Our staff is in daily interaction with federal agencies, either for records that they want to send to us, or if they need access to those records while they’re with us, to the disposition of those records when the federal government has determined that they no longer need them.”

Interestingly enough, only about 3 percent of these documents find their way into the Archives of the United States, where they’re kept forever.

Melody K. Smith

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