Celebrating ten years as an Open Access publisher, PLOS (the Public Library of Science) is pleased to share and celebrate their progress.

“The founding vision of PLOS has been realized through what is today a freely accessible, openly reusable online library of research, supported by thousands of scientists who contribute to and depend on a suite of seven influential journals—including PLOS ONE, now the largest journal in the world” – Gary Ward, Chairman of the Board and Elizabeth Marincola, CEO.

PLOS is a nonprofit publisher, membership, and advocacy organization with a mission to accelerate progress in science and medicine by leading a transformation in research communication. One of their core objectives is to provide ways to overcome unnecessary barriers to immediate availability, access, and use of research. Another core objective is to develop innovative approaches to the assessment, organization, and reuse of ideas and data. Access Innovations is pleased to have been on this journey with them, having assisted in the creation and launch of PLOS ONE.

Melody K. Smith

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