Your indexing platform is losing its range
You’re thinking it’s time for a serious change
You’ve scoured the web,
and still you’re left wanting
Just sorting through features and hype
can be daunting

Categorizing is not for the meek
Quality indexing–that’s what you seek
A lot of bad product
could flow through the shop
Before you discovered
your term list was slop

Along comes the siren song implementation
Indexing challenges solved – Automation!
Elegant GUI, class introduction… But just try to get it to work in production

Don’t blame yourself or feel like a jerk
For believing the smart guys
who said it would work
It does, in a narrow manner of speaking
What was that sound?
Oh, your budget is leaking

The “auto indexers” need data to train them
Months worth, to even remotely ingrain them
With what they could learn
from the method we coach:
The reliable, cost-saving rule base approach

Machine Aided Indexer™
so many facets
To fine tune your term list
And cover your assets

Boolean logic, proximity levels
Statistical feedback to target the devils
Add a domain, fix a term or a branch
Stay hierarchical, don’t lose the ranch

Thesaurus Master™ – just call it TM
– Will manage your index
It’s us versus them
For multiple views from the trees to the forest
For maxing control of your precious thesaurus

So changing that indexing platform is due
Have we got a practical package for you!
Check out our website, email a memo
Call us to schedule a full-featured demo

TM / M.A.I. for the tools of your traffic
Taxonomy-tested and lexicographic
You want to know more
and you like what you’ve heard?
Then… don’t index another discouraging word.


by Patrick Sauer