The EU’s “” project is a multiple-partner project to develop a system for user-controlled social networks and services that can serve as a central hub for managing a user’s various digital identities. This big news is that they have now released the source code from its software development work as an open-source project. This interesting news came from in their article, “The European project ‘’ opens its code.”

The system is thoroughly based on semantic technology to realize intelligent system recommendations and advice.

In 2010, a group of European research organizations and industrial companies started to investigate technology that would enable users to share their personal data in a controlled, trustworthy, and intelligent way. This is a result of that collaborative project.

With social media comes collaboration. What is more collaborative than open source? Having a strategy that focuses on the problems people want to solve or the capabilities they want to support, and allowing experimental approaches can result in dynamic results.

Melody K. Smith

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