Is qi a word? According to Word with Friends, yes. It is reported to be another spelling for chi, which is defined as natural energy or life force. For hardcore Scrabble-ites, this can sometimes be a hard pillow to swallow. The purists resist words that are popular for those hard-to-use letters like q and z.

This article from BBC News caught our attention, as many of those kinds of words were on the finale board of the British¬† National Scrabble Championship. “Weird short words in Scrabble finale,”¬†provided a translation of the twelve most obscure words on that board. Making the list were words like:

  • Coniines: Alkaloid that makes up the poisonous part of hemlock. That double ii could come in handy.
  • Enew: (Hawk) Falconry term for driving a bird into the water. Nice add-on opportunity.
  • Litu: Plural of Litas, a former silver coin and monetary unit of Lithuania. U’s can pose a challenge without a q, so this could help.

I am an avid Scrabble and Word with Friends fan. However, I am not a snob. Use qi all you want, I say.

Melody K. Smith

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