One computer engineer took the subject of his PhD thesis, Propuesta e implementación de una arquitectura genérica para la creación de cursos para Sistemas Tutores Inteligentes (Proposal and Implementation of a generic architecture for the creation of courses for Intelligent Tutoring Systems), to create a tool that simplified and “humanized” intelligent tutoring systems. This very interesting news was found on Basque Research in their article, “A tool that enables courses for Intelligent Tutoring Systems to be designed simply and intuitively is created.”

Those in the field of intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) are working to apply artificial intelligence techniques to the development of computer-aided learning systems.

In his research work, Héctor Escudero explains that the intelligent tutoring systems we have seen so far are based on creating core rules capable of guiding the student’s learning about a subject. This lacks an interface to allow courses to be created in a straightforward way. It is nice to see educational work serving in a real world situation.

Melody K. Smith

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