Docstoc recently launched a redesign of its website. Version 2.0 now includes semantic content discovery engine, topical pages, a rebuilt search engine, new profile pages, and file management. The Next Web brought this information to our attention in their article, “Docstoc gets a redesign as it aims to be the de facto small business resource service.”

Six years ago, Docstoc launched its content as resources for anyone searching for help on how to manage a small business. Now it has 38.5 million registered users who can search through documents, videos, editorials, and so forth.

One of the newest features of the service is the semantic content discovery feature on the homepage. Docstoc examined the types of queries that were being run in its search engine, and came up with several options to better assist business owners with getting the information that they need.

Improving on findability is always an honorable goal.

Melody K. Smith

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