BDNA is known for being one of the leading data-as-a-service (DaaS) companies. Now they have been selected as the overall winner in The ITSM Review’s 2013 ITSM Integrations Review. The competition included ServiceNow, LANDesk, ManageEngine, and others. Business Wire brought us this news in their article, “BDNA Wins Best in Class Integration Solution by The ITSM Review.”

Ten providers of IT service management (ITSM) solutions were evaluated on a variety of areas. These areas included primary market focus; product capabilities; integration points; and customer adoption. BDNA was chosen as the winner based on the ease of use and speed of its solutions.

“BDNA has solved the IT data quality problem that generations of ITSM solutions have unsuccessfully attempted to solve,” said Mahesh Kumar, CMO of BDNA. “The breakthrough is not only how comprehensively we solve the problem, but also the simplicity of the solution and the ease and speed in which it delivers immediate ROI for enterprises. We are very pleased to receive this recognition from The ITSM Review as they are one of the leading authorities in the ITSM space.”

Melody K. Smith

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