Concept Searching has taken time to compile the annual list of its most read blogs and leadership articles for 2013. Known for their semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management software, not to mention development of the Smart Content Framework™, Concept Searching offers readers interesting and thought-provoking discussions in their content. Digital Journal brought this news to our attention in their article, “Concept Searching Announces Top Read Blogs and Thought Leadership Articles.”

“We are not only a software developer. As an industry leader in technology, we feel it is important to educate, inform, and converse with IT and business professionals. Metadata is a key component in managing and leveraging  unstructured and semi-structured data. Smart Content Discussions and our thought leadership articles bring to the forefront the key business and technology issues surrounding metadata,” commented Martin Garland, President of Concept Searching.

The topics of these blogs include semantic technology, standards, SharePoint, and many others. Take a few minutes to read them.

Melody K. Smith

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