Silverchair Information Systems has announced the launch of an extension to their SCM6 platform, Silvermine, that enables publishers to mine unlimited business intelligence from their online usage data. This interesting news was found on Digital Journal in their article, “Silverchair Launches Silvermine Business Intelligence Extension to the SCM6  Publishing Platform.”

The addition of Silvermine to SCM6 enables users to track usage in near-real time. “As competition for revenue, readers, and authors intensifies, it is vital for publishers to perform sophisticated analyses of their online usage,” said  Thane Kerner, Silverchair CEO. “We designed Silvermine so publishers can now easily employ ‘big data’ analysis techniques to better segment their audience, better  understand information usage patterns, and better predict which content and services will provide the highest level of user engagement.”

With real-time monitoring in the transformation of data with machine learning semantic technology, analysis can be easily developed, implemented, and maintained. This is a huge benefit when dealing with big data and storage issues.

Melody K. Smith

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