Like many other segments of business, marketing technology is evolving faster than most could have predicted. Part of that evolution is targeting audiences beyond just age and demographics, but tightening the focus to the people who are truly most likely to make a purchase, at a time when they are most likely to make a purchase of whatever wares we are peddling.

Publishers are no different. They report that anywhere from 25% to 50% of the outbound clicks from their sites are going to an outside search engine. And to pour a little salt into that wound, publishers have to pay the search providers. This topic was inspired by an article on Search Engine Journal titled, “How Vertical Search and Semantic Technology Will Change Digital Advertising.”

Fortunately, new search tools have emerged to help online publishers and marketers connect users to the content, products, and services they desire within their areas of interest. Semantic technology represents not just the future, but the present of search.

Melody K. Smith

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