A French search engine, Yatedo, has transformed its user experience by implementing CDNetworks’ Web Content Acceleration service. Based on their innovative technology, using semantics, phonetics, and a streamlined interface, Yatedo can distinguish between homonyms and present search results as profiles.

“The benefits were immediate; from the moment the service was activated, the average response time for static content went from 300 milliseconds to less than 20 milliseconds,” says François Pires, Infrastructure Manager at Yatedo.

The Financial Post brought this news to our attention in their article, “Yatedo Steps Up a Gear with CDNetworks.” With traffic rates upwards of five million unique visitors per month, primarily from the United States, Yatedo was experiencing recurrent slowdowns of information synchronization, and that wasn’t making users very happy. Pires commented, “Totaling six terabytes of traffic per month, this represented nearly 90% of our network load, so it was urgent that we find a solution.”

Melody K. Smith

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