I have confessed my geekness here before when it comes to Scrabble, Words with Friends, spelling bees, and words in general. This explains how intrigued I was to consider what word I would add to the dictionary. My mind raced with possibilities. Was there a word that used a Q, K and Z? Just think of the points that combination would add up to, and the relief of using all the “problem children” at once. This interesting topic was found on AL.com in their article, “What word would you add to the official Scrabble dictionary: Amazeballs? Bromance? Kwyjibo? (with glossary).”

Hasbro Game Night has issued a challenge on its Facebook page called Scrabble Word Showdown, asking players to nominate words. They are updating the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online Official Scrabble Players Dictionary for the first time in nine years.

Fans were able to nominate their words and in the style of the NCAA Final Four eliminations – the final two were zen and geocache. Do you have a preference?

Melody K. Smith

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