Semantic technology has entered the kitchen, or at least, the kitchen arena. Apps, software and services that provide us with in-depth information about the food we eat have never been more popular. Consumers want to know more about their food than ever before. Enter software developers who are working fast and furiously to meet that demand. This interesting information came from Factor-Tech in their article, “Thirst for data: Nutrition apps and software to be revolutionised by semantic technology.”

Klappo is changing the status quo by collecting in-depth nutritional data from a vast range of sources, including recipes, restaurant menus, and packaging labels. The results are far more extensive than you would get from a typical food label. Using semantic technology, the system reads the instructions to create an accurate picture of what the cooking process is and what the resulting nutritional information will be. This is a far cry from counting calories from ingredients.

Melody K. Smith

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