Apparently, the Navy has plans to create a big data ecosystem that will allow for advancements in analytics. Federal Times brought this news to our attention in their article, “Navy seeks big data ecosystem. The Office of Naval Research has put out a call for white papers and full proposals for advanced technology development that will forge major advancements towards a well-developed and robust naval big data ecosystem that enables more sophisticated and powerful analytics for supporting naval warfighting applications.

The four key areas specifically outlined were:

1. Development of a robust Naval Data Science foundation that addresses data representations and ontologies required to support a wide range of naval warfare mission areas;

2. Identifying, acquiring, ingesting, and indexing data sources pertinent to naval warfighting missions;

3. Development of advanced analytics for naval warfare mission areas, and;

4. Development of data protection and security mechanisms to ensure the integrity of data used throughout the analytic process.

Responses are due by October 3, 2014, for those interested.

Melody K. Smith

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