We’ve written before about how taxonomies can provide the material for metadata (especially subject matter terms) describing information resources. One taxonomy currently under development has the potential to standardize how authors and other contributors are described in a resource’s metadata. The development group is led by Amy Brand (VP Academic & Research Relations and VP North America for Digital Science) and Liz Allen (Head of Evaluation for the Wellcome Trust).

An article published yesterday in the Scholarly Kitchen on the contributor role taxonomy includes an interview with Dr. Brand, who described the active involvement of scholarly publishers, institutions, and others in the development group:

“The contributorship effort has been highly collaborative from the start. We are working closely with the Wellcome Trust evaluation team, and have some financial support from Wellcome as well. Publishers including Nature, Elsevier, PLOS, AAAS, and APS have been involved at various stages in the project. We also had some help early on from Access Innovations. And individuals from several institutions, including Cornell, Harvard, MIT, Columbia, NIH and NSF have been engaged as well. We are currently collaborating with both CASRAI (the Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information) and NISO in the development of the taxonomy.”

Access Innovations is proud to have been involved in this effort and we look forward to future collaborations along the way.

Melody K. Smith

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